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Change font size Guide

Web Accessibility Statement

EUMSEONG-GUN COUNCIL is the council site providing
information. EUMSEONG-GUN COUNCIL to comply Web
Standard, Web Accessibility best effort to improve access and information
necessary to guide change and will guide you through this page.

1. Right Approach (Accessiblility) link

Services are repeated at the beginning of the document links to many pages to use efficiently Skip Navigation (Shortcut) offers links.

2. Page title (title tag)

Every page of every article title (<title>) offering, the document's title page to indicate the characteristics of a good technology is simply and clearly.

3. Structuring of the document

Documents is a logical approach and a keyboard to allow access to header (<h1> ~ <h6>), paragraph (<p>), list (<ul>, <ol>, <dl>) for such tags were used. In addition, separate design elements, using css style sheet and remove the discomfort, even if not completely understand the content.

4. Image Info

All non-text content in the alternate text is provided, and provide alternative text, shapes, images are difficult to separate the text offers information.

5. The use of new technologies

Flash content for its own approach offers a possible alternative. In addition, the installation of additional applications that require the viewer to consider the document are provided as a separate download page.

If the characters seem much less how to set the font size

  1. Internet Explorer: View of the top menu> Text Size menu, select Settings
  2. Firefox: View of the top menu "size, adjust the settings in the menu
  3. Opera: Top menyujung View> Zoom menu, click Settings
  4. Google Chrome: the top right menu Tools> You are here Management> Settings from the menu font size
  5. Safaris: Top menyujung View> Text larger, making the text to normal size, the text set to small

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